PROMPT: What is something you want to achieve this year?

I don’t do “New Year’s Resolutions,” persay; however, I have been choosing a theme word. This years’ theme is “MOTIVATION.”

Things that I am “motivated” to do, include:

  • Getting my health back on track. It’s not just something I “want” to do, it’s something I “have” to do. I promised my Mom I would and now she’s not here to check in with me. She only lived to be 69. Her presence is physically missing and I need to be present for my honey, my kids, and my grand baby for years to come. I’m making my Love my accountability partner. His health needs improvement too and we can be each other’s support! He and I have no problems keeping it real for each other and I love that about him. I have never had that before and it is refreshing, although can sometimes be aggravating – LOL!
  •  I am motivated to continue to help DV victims and survivors through this Blog and my continued speaking. I have to amp up getting that message out there to help as many people as possible. This Blog is a part of my continued healing and, I hope, the healing of others. I intend to post every day on the Blog (sometimes more than once) and to promote it as much as humanly possible so more and more people who need to see it, can. My goal is, at least, 30 speaking engagements for this year, if not more!
  •  I MUST get “Laura’s Law” passed through to Law in 2023. I’ve decided that I am going to go to the media and write every single state representative — EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. This has to pass…the news, literally every day, has reports of another woman who was trying to break free, killed by her former or current significant other. This has to stop! This cannot stand! I will tolerate it NO MORE! I will not stop until it is a law, no matter how long that takes. It’s beyond ridiculous!

Those are my GOALS for the year, not resolutions. Resolutions can be broken and I cannot break or abandon these items. Happy New Year to all! I cannot wait to read your all’s posts and to get to know you!

Love and light!

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