PROMPT: 22 Things You Were Grateful for in 2022

One of my goals for my Blog for 2023 is to promote the Blog more, to get more coverage and exposure, so I can help more DV victims and survivors. What better way to do that than to join blogging challenges, also known as blog hops!?! I’m doing four blog hops this month, but I believe that this will REALLY get the creative juices flowing! Then two throughout the year (and UBC again in October).

I am SO grateful for many things in my life, having been through nearly three decades of trauma and abuse; however, I am going to limit this list to my DV activism (Blog, Public Speaking, and Activism). So, here goes…

  1. I am five years free from my domestic abuser in September 2022! Praise God!
  2. I am entering my 3rd year of Blogging in December 2022. Three glorious years of helping and healing! My abuser wouldn’t allow me to write. I write whenever I want to, even at 2 AM when I’ve had a night terror and have to get it off my chest!
  3. I was able to find sponsors that align with my Blog’s Mission. Yay!
  4. I ended 2022 at position #11 on’s “Top 45 Best Women’s Mental Health Blogs & Websites.” chooses sites from thousands of international sites. WOW!
  5. I ended 2022 at position #13 on’s “Top 45 Best Domestic Violence RSS Feeds.”
  6. I ended 2022 at position #13 on’s “Top 30 Women’s Mental Health Blogs & Websites.”
  7. Over 250 posts under my belt! That’s A LOT of writing!
  8. Twenty-two successful speaking engagements met in 2022! How ironic!
  9. I was nominated for Indiana’s State “Torchbearer Award.”
  10. I was nominated to the Wonder Woman Initiative,, as a “Wonder Woman.” I wish, but so appreciative!
  11. I accomplished a site re-design, that made my Blog faster and sleeker. It took me a while, as I am NOT a WordPress expert, but I did it all by myself! *Flexing*
  12. Participated in the WordPress “Bloganuary” blog challenge, although it was toward the end of January 2022. I learned SO much! Excited to start at the beginning of 2023!
  13. Participated in’s “Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge” in 2022, although I did not find out about that until mid-year. Going to continue this blog hop in 2023, as well as their “2023 Friday Five.” I am pushing my TBI brain to excellence!
  14. Re-signed up for the “Give Her Wings” DV advocate program. I will achieve it in 2023!
  15. Became the Indiana Chair for SWAT: Survivors With a Testimony organization. So thankful to be aligned with like-minded service folk.
  16. “Laura’s Law” made it to the 2022 Indiana Legislative session, but did not pass into law. C’mon 2023! Sign my petition here:
  17. Resources like the Nursing Home Abuse Center, reached out to be listed as a resource on the Blog! *Mind Blown!*
  18., a portal for Christian writing and references, reached out to ask permission to re-post my blog posts. Honored beyond! The Lord is blessing my work!
  19. Many, many free or low-cost training have come my way through Grace and I have become SO much more informed!
  20. I’ve met several GREAT folks this year through advocacy and podcasting and blogging. I hope these are life-long friends! We have SO much in common and SO much to learn from one another!
  21. I’ve been blessed a bit financially, to buy blogging equipment and expenses, so my Blog’s content is super sharp and pertinent! Thank heavens (and my Momma)!
  22. So many opportunities to share the Blog and resources with the world! Constantly on the lookout for more blessings and opportunities to share!

Thank you, 2022! I learned so much and grew as a person, even though you were tough to endure at times! Welcome, 2023! Please be kind and I will do my best to make the best out of what you provide!

Love and Light! <3