Self-care is important. I know once I started on the journey to rediscovering ME, I had some skills I had always wanted to learn. I also had not done calligraphy in so long, I wanted to practice it again. Well, THIS website it the place you may want to check out!

This site is for creatives and crafting, such as wire jewelry or photography, and just about anything else you can think of! It also has technical courses on blogging and writing, WordPress and Adobe Photoshop.

An interested person can purchase courses individually or in bundles (usually during sales). If a course is a little too high of a price, I usually wait for a “sale” and purchase it when it’s financially comfortable to for me to do so. Domestika now offers a subscription called Domestika Plus that is a really great deal. You can subscribe monthly or yearly. Each month, there are courses that are available free to view for 30 days, but you earn 1 credit to keep a course in your account permanently. Certificates are also available for those who are subscribers, once you complete the course, of course!

I have a few courses that I purchased and am working on. I am seriously considering the subscription! I’ve yet to encounter a course that is anything but exceptional!