Why have there been no blog posts for nearly a week? What’s happening? What’s THAT (in the picture)???

Well, I’m glad you were paying attention! I’m also glad you missed the blog posts! 💟

So, I needed a break for the holidays (and all the catastrophes that occurred during). Also, I’m revamping the blog a tad. I’m currently working on a sleeker look, faster loading, and an editorial calendar. I am also trying to fit an advance writing time into my schedule so I can pre-write and schedule posts timely.

The iPad is so I can write blogs or edit at work (during my breaks and lunch times, of course). I am not longer allowed to bring my MacBook to work and tether it to my phone in the break room…I honestly don’t know why. I’m just trying to comply with my employer…oy…

Don’t worry…I will NOT get rid of “Mental Health Mondays” or “Freedom Resources Friday” or “Survivor Saturdays.” Those are important!

So, here’s to an exciting and blogiful 2023!