Female body freedom can be easy. low-cost, and private, thanks to FC2, the female condom! Providing “sexual safety” and “birth control,” when the moment strikes is now in the hands of men and women alike.

When I became a teenager, the birth control was always the responsibility of the guy, as young ladies that carried condoms around with them were “loose” or “slutty,” instead of “responsible” or “safe.”

As a survivor of domestic abuse, specifically sexual abuse, dating again was a really scary prospect. I met with some men, a while after the break-up, and went out for drinks or dinner or a movie. Inevitably, after our “date” was over, my companion would inevitiably ask: “Wanna go back to my place?” to which I’d look horrified and answer, “No, thank you.”

Of course, that would be followed with, “Well, why not?

I would then answer, “No offense, because I don’t know you like that. I have to trust you first. Maybe, let’s get to know each other first?” That would result in NO second date, which, to me, was perfectly fine. If all they wanted was sex, then I wasn’t interested. Occasionally, the prospective date would ask, “Well, what about going back to your place then?” I would give them the best hell no look I could muster and excuse myself, ending the date. My kids were there, so that was DEFINITELY a no-go!

Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to have sex, but safe and trustworthy sex. And on MY terms! I definitely would have jumped on this safe-sex option, had I known about it. I love the shifting of power to women and the confidentiality of it all. You do eventually get to the point where it becomes a safe activity again — why not make it safe ALL the way around?

FC2, the female condom, is inserted inside the vagina, resting behind the pubic bone, making it an “internal” condom. The regular condom, which is placed onto an erect penis, is considered an “external” condom. Both condoms are barrier birth control methods that also protect from STD’s/STI’s. The site urges couples not to use both types of condoms at the same time, during intercourse, due to failure (due to friction). It is a “pick one” situation, LOL! I also though it was interesting, through my research, that female condoms tear less frequently. Women also rave about using them when Aunt Flo is visiting.

The site offers the ability to have a free digital visit to prescribe the female condom, as well as a list of tele health providers that can prescribe the FC2 also. The site also urges users to ask their provider to prescribe the FC2. The FC2 can then be shipped to your door, in a plain cardboard box (with no identifying marks as to what is inside).

Check it out and be safe out there!