I am proud to be a mental health warrior, both professionally and personally. I received the pin in the picture as a thank you for supporting the American Psychological Association. I share their information on social media, sign petitions, I use their style guide in my research writing, etc.

In every aspect of my life, I am concerned for my fellow humans. My supervisor told me the other day he was impressed with my personalized service and concern. I am a customer service person, so I was asking a guest if they were “safe,” as she indicated that she had recently experienced domestic abuse but now had an emergency protective order (EPO). I did what she came into the office for, but as I was printing what she needed, I was advising her that she needed to keep a copy of her EPO in her purse, one in her car, one with her trusted person, and her original in a safe place. When she asked “why,” I told her because she was new to the area, that if he tried to violate said protective order, she should call the local authorities and show the officer on-the-scene her EPO, because they may not be immediately aware (since it is from another area) and he could be held in violation. She was floored and had no idea!

“Um,” she stammered. “How do you know that?”

I looked at her and winked “Unfortunately, I know from having been in a similar situation.” I flashed her a smile, to ease her shock. “I just want you to stay safe.”

I had no idea my supervisor was listening, but I wasn’t saying all of that to be a PC customer service person. I REALLY meant it!

She left the office, thanking me, stating that her anxiety was eased. I also gave her a few more local resources to consult before she left, with my DV advocate being one of them.

Being a DV survivor and mental health issues go hand-in-hand. I am constantly honing my trauma-informed skills through taking all the free or low-cost trainings I can. I just completed a Psychological First Aid course that was highly interesting. I just want to help heal people or set them on the right path for their own healing. No one should ever feel as lost and hopeless as I have in the past…I wouldn’t wish that on ANYONE!

I will always advocate for people’s mental health and well-being…but it is nice to be thanked! Helping people is very fulfilling and I know that God has made this a part of my life’s mission! Love and light! <3