I am sitting here in my feels today and it’s uncomfortable…I am missing my Mom, who passed in June, and my family in Memphis…

So, to stave off this funk, I’m going to outline what I’m most thankful for:

  • God and His Grace
  • Freedom
  • my health (it’s not great but it’s going to get better!)
  • my Honey and my kids (and grandbaby)
  • my family (both related and not-related)
  • my few friends that stuck by me
  • my job and my awesome co-workers (also dear friends)
  • my advocacy colleagues (that are also dear friends)
  • my numerous pets
  • my blog (and the help and healing it provides to me and others)
  • my being out of abuse for over 5 years now (I wish him well, just FAR away from me and everything I hold dear)

My ancestors, both pilgrims, John and Elizabeth Howland, came to find religious freedom in the New World. I am SO thankful for my freedoms as an American and as a DV survivor.

Please count your blessings today…and hug your families and friends. If you are feeling down, please reach out…I’m always happy to talk! Love and light! 💜