Yes, this is exactly what you think it is. I wanted to include it for two reasons…both of which is for SAFETY. No more innocent people need to die or be harmed!

First, and foremost, I wanted you all to have this resource in order to keep your children safe. You can look up your address in the “Advanced Search” and see what sex offenders live near you. Is this to persecute them? No, it’s informational so you know. There is a reason they have to report. That way, you know what house to avoid on Halloween and what house to not let your children go near when they are out playing. I also urge people to look at this website before buying a house.

Next, I also placed this as a resource as a dating safety resource. We all know you cannot be too careful in this day and age! You interested in dating someone? Put his/her information in here and see if they pop-up. Every jurisdiction is different, so don’t stop your inquiry with just this. Many deviants fly under the radar and have little-to-no record. I know I ran potential dates through this site as well as the local law enforcement sites, Doxpop, and Google, as I am in Indiana — when I was a “free agent,” of course, AND many did not make the cut. Please also utilize your free and local website resources to keep yourself safe!

FYI: Dru Sjodin is named on the website because she was the victim of a horrific murder by a sex offender. More on her story here: This site is a joint effort of the Adam Walsh Law and the Dru Sjodin Law. Unfortunately those innocent souls had to pass away for this life-saving resource to be a reality. 🙁

For whatever reason, it never hurts to be informed! Keep Safe Love and Light! <3

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