I was sick to my stomach when I heard of the shooting in Colorado the other day…I still am! I mean, why hate and then take out members of the group that you misunderstand/hate so much…didn’t Hitler do that when he felt threatened???

I am heterosexual and I don’t feel threatened. Live is live and everyone has the right to love whom they choose. I’ve told my children, from the time that they were little that they have to reconcile their lifestyles with God, but to be safe and be happy while they’re hereon Earth. I love my children regardless, even though I may not understand their choices. Also, I have an LGBTQ+ child. I want that child to be happy and healthy — NOT dead because someone didn’t understand or wanted to interject themselves and their lifestyle on them. But why kill? That does not further their cause! It causes loss and grief and makes those killed martyrs. I cannot stand close minded people!

Please pray for the families of those affected! I’m completely heartsick that we live in a world of such hatred. Hey, if you don’t agree with something, just go on about your business. That harms NO ONE!