When a marriage or relationship ends, even an abusive one, you tend to grieve that “loss” as you would when a physical person passes away. Divorce or breaking-up is the “death” of that relationship and has to migrate through the same mental grieving processes. True story! is a wonderful forum for the whole grieving process. I’ve been consulting it lately, due to the death of my Mom — I am really having a hard time. They have counselors/therapists that run the site and it is incredible! It does cover divorce, but also has topics on the death of a child, the death of a parent, the death of a partner, the death of a pet, and SO MUCH MORE! It’s a very complete and friendly site. I highly recommend this site to help someone through the grieving process. The fellowship and support is unparalleled. I’m telling you, you really should check it out!

I hope this helps! Even if you don’t need it yourself, you may want to recommend it to a friend, family member, or colleage who might be struggling.

Love and light! <3