I’ve blogged about music and concerts a few times previously, but I have to again drive home its incredible healing properties!

Of course, during the Pandemic, when everything was shut down, so were concerts — and rightfully so! When you attend a concert, you are. in such close proximity, you couldn’t help but transmit illness…I mean, we’re breathing the same air!

However, I believe the isolation kept out defenses down. Contact and fellowship uplift the soul and might have bolstered out immunity. I know, I know…it was the close proximity that made it impossible to be together! The musicians tried to keep us entertained and upbeat, having concerts taped and broadcast, but it just wasn’t the same. Kudos for trying!

Since the mandates have been lifted, my honey and I have been to several concerts to make up for lost time! However, I went to my first “rock” concert with no words or singing: Steve Vai, guitarist extraordinare! It was amazing and unusual!

You know what else is extraordinary? Well, the three head guitar called the Hydra, all heads with different sounds and tones. However, the most spectacular was watching people from all walks of life enjoying music as one united front. No racial issues. No political spewing. No sexual transgressions. All genres of music fans represented, all ages in attendance. Everyone just enjoying great and varied music, which eased any worries and issues that fans might have brought with them. The night ended with standing ovations and pure appreciation and love. It was just magnificent!

THIS. This is what we want the world to be. For just a short period of time, for one small moment, we were all human and gracious to each other. Bill and Ted would be proud!