Anxiety and depression got you down? I know it does with me sometimes, so much so that it’s a hard funk to get out of.

I have found a totally free service that will turn that frown upside down…drum roll, please…

It’s the PepToc Hotline, a service provided by West Side Union Elementary. It’s a pre-recorded hotline, where you can listen to children literally cheer you up with their child innocence and candor. You call (707) 873-7862 and listen to the menu, choosing what will delight and uplift you! Here are the menu choices:

  • Dial 1: If You Are Mad, Frustrated or Nervous
  • Dial 2: If You Need Words of Encouragement OR Life Advice
  • Dial 3: For a PepToc from Kindergartners
  • Dial 4: For Kids Laughing with Delight
  • Dial 5: For Encouragement in Spanish
  • Dial 6: To Hear How Awesome You Look!
  • Dial 7: For Bonus PepTocs
  • Dial 8: To Donate

This art project/service was created by two teachers in California, in order to spread joy and give back. It has to be the SWEETEST thing I have ever heard and I now listen to it once a week, to feel better. I highly recommend and prescribe it to ALL of my readers! Enjoy and be blessed!

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