Well, my report for the “Growth Chronicles” for this week is that I DID NOT grow, I simply survived. In fact, I probably regressed. Set backs are a part of growth, but that’s what I have to report…

So, you’re probably thinking, What setbacks? Well, the holidays are depressing me this year because I lost my Mom. My teenage son, who is on the autism spectrum, actively hates school. People in my house have had the nasty stomach bug this week. I’m running low on money and need a part-time job to go with my full-time one. My Ex is buying my children laptops and cool tech while I’m purchasing underwear and flannel jammies for my kids and grandkid for Christmas. Ugh. Just, uuuuuuuugh.

How do I solve this funk? I can only control what I can with my own two hands (and finances). Self-care through epson salt baths, pedicures, and heating pads. Starting back to the gym and doing Pound classes. Clear my mind by reading. Writing ahead on my blog. Finding a part-time job that works with my schedule, so I can get ahead. I have to keep foraging ahead.

You have to take care of you, before you can take care of anyone else.