I know I’m sounding like a broken record…I’m starting my schooling with Give Her Wings Academy (actually I started again in September). You’re probably thinking, wait, didn’t you do that LAST YEAR!?!

Um, yes I did….you see, 2021 and part of 2022 was stressful and hectic…I thought I could catch up but just couldn’t because I got too far behind. My daughter was pregnant and having complications. I was trying (and failing) to motivate my teenage son to keep going to school (he still had to do summer school). My parents called me and told me that Mom’s cancer treatments were not working, so she was stopping them — that she wanted to die with dignity. My grandson was born and the whole house’s sleep was affected. My Mom passed away and I got COVID. It definitely was a year of trials and tribulations!

So, I started again. I WILL succeed this time! I MUST succeed! It’s such a great program, full of awesome advocates! 💜 This is the type of program where you have to sit and listen to the lecture in its entirety, while taking notes — else you won’t be able to answer the required journal entry appropriately. And, I have ADD and a TBI, so I have to usually listen multiple times in order to get it absorbed fully.

I love learning, helping people, and becoming closer to God. I know my Mom is cheering me on from Heaven. She taught me to “stay the course.” It become my mission, my calling…

SOURCE: https://www.giveherwings.com/