Today was a day of trials, for sure, which is why this post is coming to you so late…

So, you might be thinking: what is.a “Jonah Day?” I used to hear one grandmother say it, so I asked my other grandmother what it meant. “Well,” she gently explained. “It’s a day of trials. Jonah was going through a huge trial in the belly of a great fish. Hence, the phrase.” I heard it again while watching Anne of Green Gables and giggled because I knew the meaning.

Today was one of those days. NOTHING went well, literally nothing…woke up later than I wanted. I didn’t make it on-time or early to setup at the local craft fair to sell my earrings. I only sold seven pair of earrings at said craft fair, which barely repaid my entry fee for the space. My daughter, who was helping me, got incredibly sick. I had to reschedule a very coveted podcast interview at the last moment, because my teen (who is on the Autism spectrum) had a meltdown, because he didn’t want to go to the Urgent Care when I needed him to (he has a sinus infection). I had to take sick daughter to the hospital — she was in a lot of pain and vomiting severely — and we were there for 5 hours and being treated in the ER by very rude staff. I didn’t get anything to eat until late this evening and had no coffee today, causing ans extreme headache.

And yet, I’ve learned in my healing that there will be days like this. I’ve learned that the control is in the letting go and letting the Lord “take the wheel.” Giving up is always an option, but I choose to keep moving forward, even on a Jonah Day like this. Sometimes the win is merely in thanking God for another day, eating a good meal, and going to bed, to reset and start again tomorrow.

Be well! Love and light!