Repeat after me: I do NOT pay retail prices! NEVER pay full price! I mean, why? That’s not smart spending…

As a single Mom/Nana, I have to employ clever strategies in order to get what I need for my family, pay bills, and SURVIVE. I would do this even if I was wealthy, to be honest. You make your money go further and last longer!

Here are a list of my tips/tricks that I do, in order to financially survive in 2022. I’ll try to add to do this about once per month, as I think of more of my “cost savings short cuts.”

I usually buy generic items, unless I KNOW they’re not good, because they cost less. Also, stores like Kroger have digital coupons and/or paper coupons on their own store brands. There are things that I NEVER skimp on: toilet paper, diapers, pet food, laundry detergent, bleach, fabric softener, and water. When there is a brand name that you use (I’ll say Tide detergent in this instance), then stalk them online. I know you’re probably thinking I’m crazy, but hear me out…sign up for their mailings, sign up for their customer newsletters, stalk their Facebook page/Instagram accounts, tell your family and friends who coupon (and don’t use your brand) to save you the paper coupons to trade for their must-have brands’ coupons…basically, use sales and coupons to make your must-haves affordable! Sometimes stores use strictly apps, so mark your fave brands!

When getting something that you need online, Google “coupon codes” for that retailer or “discount codes.” You might have to sign up for their mailings to get a code, but do it! I saved nearly $3000 last year just using coupon codes and discounts. That figure includes price shopping a certain thing around and seeing if free shipping is an option!

Buy thrift or second hand INSTEAD of retail. Here’s my example: I could spend $20 on jeans for my teen at Walmart. However, for $20 at Goodwill or Salvation Army, I purchased him a flannel shirt, a new trendy t-shirt, jeans and PJ bottoms. That’s four items instead of just one!

These are just a few tips…I’ll publish more later! Go conquer the world affordably!!!