(I was so busy today, I nearly forgot to post! *GASP!*)

In light of domestic violence awareness month, I thought I’d write a little bit about my joys and freedoms, since narrowly escaping domestic violence.

See that hand in the picture? I picked that nail polish…it’s glittery purple and fun! It sparkles like a bass boat and makes me keep looking at my fingers, delighted. If I was still with my abuser, I was only allowed solid colors or a French manicure. I might get to pick the color…maybe, maybe not. He would’ve said I was trying to look “slutty.” I would also not been able to wear my skulls rings or anything that wasn’t classy. I am a happy, go-lucky gal that he tried to make a “basic bitch.” Whew! I very nearly lost myself! Close call!

Also, we’d be going out drinking and hanging out with his friends, being told to be on my best, QUIET behavior. I would have to be put together and ready for inspection. Tonight, my BF and I were being goofy — which caused us to run late. To re-coop some time, I brought my makeup bag and did my makeup while he drove. Out of the side of my eye, I could see him smiling and shaking his head. He didn’t mind in the least. I also applied my nails in the truck, careful not to get any trash in his truck. When I got done, I heard “Ooooooh, pretty, babe.” My former husband would have burst a blood vessel AND would’ve made me remove the sparkly polish. Yeah, definitely blessed NOW.

Tonight, my BF and I held hands, went to a monster truck rally, and stopped at Denny’s. I ordered nachos. He ordered breakfast. My former husband would’ve ordered me a salad and a chicken breast, because I had gained weight. He would’ve made me pay too. It always irked me when I had to pay AND didn’t get to eat what I want. I never minded paying my fair share, but he kept money from me (to find out later that he was spending it while cheating on me).

I feel content and blessed, having gone five years on my own. He was wrong…I could do it without him and have been. I have an incredible job and work as much overtime when it’s available. I take care of my family. There is peace in my household. Times get tough, but at least we manage without the threat of violence looming in the background. It’s a peace I wish for EVERYONE. Love and light!