Do NOT let this happen! Self-care, self-care!

It’s really easy to say that, but I’ve let my battery get depleted…and in October, Domestic Violence Awareness month! UGH!

I’ve started, unwillingly, assuming the doormat position. My teenage son doesn’t want to go to school. However, I am taking muscle relaxers because of my back and I’m oversleeping. That part is my fault, so not only is he late to school, he’s waaaaaaay later because of me. I’m going to have. toapply pressure to things he hold dear…he’s making me late for work, because he wants me. togive up and go to work, leaving him at home. Not happening, pal! Solution, take meds earlier in the evening, get up earlier, and still be the mean-ass Mom he thinks I am…

I’m exhausted…like ALL the time. Time to do something relaxing, so I think a pedicure is in order. I’m BEAT. Also, getting up earlier with my butt-head teen will make me have to do something exercise related. I will HAVE TO make myself, no matter how tired I am! MUST. EXERCISE!

I cannot just come home and sit down. I get too tired. I take care of two households, so I need to just get comfy clothes on and keep on working once I get home. Too much has gotten put to the wayside lately. TOO MUCH! I am also going to delegate duties. I cannot, just simply CAN’T do it all! I wish I were a Wonder Woman, but alas, I am not.

I’ve got to get back to my DV studies and get my blog back on track! I’m going to try to pre-publish as much as I can! I listen to the lectures when and where I can. Just have to get back on track, but in a calmer way. I will get a schedule down!


That is all.