NOTE: This was supposed to post yesterday! My apologies! The iPhone app doesn’t hold a candle to what I can do on my laptop!

I’ve heard that time flies when you’re having fun. While that’s true, I want to qualify and modify this statement: “Time expands and/or contracts contingent on where you are i your healing.” Basically, if you’re having a hard time, it drags on forever, if things are moving along for you in your healing, then time flies. A little known fact, DV survivors rarely allow themselves to have fun.

Well, it’s the fifth anniversary of my Freedom Day. That is, five years ago from tomorrow, my abuser was removed from my house, due to our final physical incident and an emergency protective order issued. It’s so hard to believe! Then again, it seems eons ago.

I have done so much reflection and healing since that horrible day…he shot at me on September 13, 2017. I view that as an attempt on my life. He honestly wanted to see if he could go through with it…he deliberately blew it because he knew he couldn’t. I didn’t know that then…he missed me, but all I saw was a screaming angry abuser with a gun pointed at me. What I understand now is that he knew he was losing me and that was a last act of desperation. Pathetic, is what is it was, for sure.

So, I wanted to do something to celebrate! I am wanting to start an organization for DV survivors. I will post more about it with the next few weeks. We really SURVIVED SOMETHING! You know, I’m still not sure why we don’t get those “sobriety chits” like AA issues. I’m five years clean of narcissistic abuse!

I also have endured so much of it that I’d like my self-case study doctoral degree in narcissism, please