If you are an enlightened person, whether newly so or from before, you read to keep your mind agile, connected, and open. What you read is entirely based on your personality and interests. I learned that in order to be a solid writer, you must also read. This week’s blog [hop] challenge I felt was interesting.

I am #TeamBookmark. Oh, I’ve been known to use the odd receipt or bill/envelope to mark my place in a book I’m reading, for sure, but I’d rather have a true bookmark. When I was young and attended book fairs at school or book sales at the library, I was always allowed to purchase a book or two (God bless my Mother for that) and if there was a display or stand with bookmarks, I was most certainly allowed one of those too! I enjoyed pressing flowers and making bookmarks with them, both to keep and give away!

I was always taught to show respect for books and keep them as good as I found them, because they might have been borrowed from a friend or school or a library. I NEVER dog-eared the page I was on, as that was disrespectful and damaging. I also never placed them open and faced down, as that could break the spine, causing pages to fall out. I was to bookmark my place and close the book. I even had a bookmark ribbon for my textbooks, keeping them pristine and unmarked.

I always had a Bible by my bed, with a beautiful book mark and NOTHING was to be set on top of it. NOTHING! That was disrespectful and blasphemous. I hold that opinion for all holy and religious texts!

Books are like fond friends and should be treated as such. Pure meanness is pulling the placeholder out of a book, losing the person’s place. We are resting in the security that our place is “safe,” so I do not care for bookmarks with tassels.

What book placeholder “team” are you???