I love this blog post prompt! Before age 16, I had a really great life…I’m not negating my adult life at all, but before this age I was innocent and not yet abused and mishandled by men. However, one precious day sticks in my mind…

I was around twelve and my family was visiting my grandparents. I remember sitting at the dining room table listen to the two most precious women in my life, talk and laugh while they were fixing dinner.

I remember looking up from what I was doing, coloring with my little sister probably, and enjoying seeing them interact as mother and daughter, and thinking:

“Boy I’m going to miss them both when they are gone. I love them so much!”

I shrugged and went back to what I was doing, secure in the fact that they would be around for a very long time, blinded by my childish naïveté. And life continued to happen…

If I could go back in time, it would be to that moment. I would hug them and help them fix dinner. If I recall, they were very merry like that, too, when doing the supper dishes. I would pay an entire fortune to go back there again! It would be amazing to simply hear their voices again. *SIGH*

My grandmother died in 1996, only knowing my oldest child, her only great-grandchild at that point. My mother died from cancer this year, also getting to meet her great-grandson, who is my grandson. They are gone too soon and I don’t get them back. They were of the sweetest souls you could EVER hope to meet. My heart aches for my kids and grand baby. I mourn what they’re missing out on, especially since my children didn’t have as safe a home as I did.

Thanks for journeying back with me! Love and light! <3