I am sad that I just found this challenge, but I’m excitedly participating now that I have! LongandShortReviews.com is in their third year of weekly blogging challenge topics, to help bloggers hone their writing skills, network with other bloggers, and generally broaden their topics for exploration. So look forward to this every Wednesday from now until the end of the year!

My favorite weirdest food is something that once was featured in women’s magazine in the 1960’s, and was introduced to me by my former mother-in-law, is: pear salad. What in this world is that??? It a Southern classic you shouldn’t miss!

It sounds disgusting, but bear with me! There are only three ingredients: canned pears in light syrup, mayonnaise (full-fat one is best), and shredded cheddar cheese (I use mild or medium, but sharp and extra sharp are good as well). You can add maraschino cherries, if you want, but I like it without.

Why do I like this? It gives the sensation of sweet from the pears and tangy from the addition of the dollop of mayonnaise and the shredded cheese. It’s a nice side to something saltier, like a steak or chicken breast, accompanied by a vegetable. It’s such an unexpected compliment!

Don’t knock it until you try it! And definitely try it! Happy Wednesday!