I love how Mary Kay cosmetics has always had a campaign against domestic abuse. I just recently bought one of their limited-edition heart-shaped lipsticks that is going to help to fund this campaign. MK lipsticks are THE BEST, so this one didn’t disappoint!

Years ago, when I was newly-married and newly a mother, I signed up to be a Mary Kay consultant. My aunt sponsored me and coached me and it seemed a great company. Mary Kay Ash was all about empowering women. However, not realizing the abuse ramifications, my husband didn’t want me selling or trying to build my business. It was if he knew I’d be hugely successful at it and isolated me. He guilted me that I was going to neglect our new baby. However, when I did facials and parties, I sold quite a bit of makeup! Easily!

I feel bad, as I should’ve pushed more, but I didn’t. I made excuses about the low-income neighborhood I lived in. I limited myself because I didn’t want to disappoint my new husband.

My Aunt is still one of the top sales directors in my state and has made a great living with MK. My boyfriend’s cousin now sells it, so I can get items that I need fairly quickly. I’ve thought about trying to be a consultant again, even to just get 50 percent off, but I definitely cannot right now, but may perhaps later. You see, MK is a fellowship and a network of support. Their makeup is high quality, and you’re supporting someone local when you buy from them. Honestly, after buying mascara recently, when I ran out, I noticed that the MK mascara was literally only $2 more (and I knew I would t be disappointed with it) than the drug store one I purchased.

It’s all about quality and believing in yourself, at least that’s what the company still stands by. And they support the safety and advancement of women. Those are some beautiful efforts!