Now that THE Hollywood trial is over, I have to say, regardless of how you feel about Amber Heard, I feel incredibly sorry for her, post-trial. Apologies if it sounds like I’m making her out to be like ‘Malibu Barbie;’ that is NOT my intention.

I was not personally convinced by her testimony, initially. She was not emotional, nor consistent, and some of her testimony was sounding a bit embellished (ridiculous things added to what actually did happen). That aside, I started thinking that maybe she made herself numb, in order to get through the trial. She steeled herself so she could get through the questions and answers of testimony, which is a good tactic actually. That made me feel badly for her, if that was the case. I know when I testified, I ugly-cried, hyperventilated, and was VERY emotional. I’m also fairly sure that I had snot running down my face, but I’m not certain. I was projecting my feelings and experiences on her and for that I am sorry. I was skeptical, because she had been out of abuse for so long, but that was also my realized mistake. I feel bad for my assumptions — and we all know what the word “assume” is short for, right? When you “assume,” it makes an “ass out of you and me.” Geez, Laura!

Also, I DO very much feel that she was traumatized by Johnny’s addiction. You can go through that type of trauma, which most people do not realize. My Ex is an alcoholic and loved pills and marijuana. I was always afraid of getting secondhand weed smoke in my system and my employer catching that on a random drug test. My job and my children were all that I truly had and that could be taken away from me, ESPECIALLY my children. I was always the designated driver when we went out together. When he went places on his own, I was often called by friends to come get him, all drunk and passed out. Being a significant other of someone with addiction issues is embarrassing AND enraging. Why can’t they just stop? Because they have us sober partners (also as unknowing enablers) to constantly bail them out of trouble, but we get bashed and berated for letting them get like that. Um, wait, what???

Also, Amber is not that high-end of an actress, so her already limited choices just now got more limited, due to the outcome of the trial. I am not sure I totally agree with nixing her from the Aquaman 2 movie. People still have to work, folks, and she made that character in the first movie. Johnny will come out stronger than ever, most likely, but will she be able to survive? How is she going to be able to pay the millions of dollars in punitive damages? Does that put her in contempt of court if she can’t pay? If she cannot work and pay the damages, putting her in jail isn’t going to help the monetary situation any further either. Plus, I looked up her net worth and it’s horrific. See the screen shot crop below:

OMG, negative???? No wonder she’s gotten progressively skinnier, she’s not eating! I have a lead on a part-time job, Amber. I’m going to apply for it myself, and you can come with and fill out an application. Seriously, girl. My offer stands!

I will always have my own opinions, but I never want to lose my compassion. I still have compassion for my Ex, who just lost another family member. If we lose our compassion, we lose our humanity. Please keep that in mind. Love and light! <3