Settling Down the Trauma

I am wanting to get back into therapy. I’ve been through over 23 years of abuse, so I know the year of therapy I’ve been to isn’t going to heal me. It’s definitely helped, but I’m not done…

I had to stop because my therapist was a man…he didn’t do anything inappropriate, so please don’t think that…I just could NOT comfortably tell a man what another man did to me and there were no female therapists were available for months and months out. I live in a rural area, so therapists are VERY limited, without having to go 1 hour away (in one direction). As a single Mom, I simply do not have the money for gas or the office visit both — or the time away, to be honest. I had to start to explore others options…

I spoke to my insurance and they have tele-health visits with semi-local professionals (thanks, Pandemic!). There are also phone based ones like Better Help, that I’m checking out as well. I will keep everyone posted on that progress.

However, I did find a trauma therapy group through If you’re looking for something like this, be mindful of the location, time/date, timezone, and cost! At first the group I chose told me they were full, but then I was notified yesterday that someone backed out. Praise the Lord! I attended the first session, via Zoom, last night and I am VERY impressed! It was very calm and laid back and healing, as well as informational. I think this is just what I was lacking!

Working on shrinking down my trauma impact and doing some self-care. I’ll get it down to a manageable size yet!

Love and light! <3

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