As one of the millions following the Amber Heard vs. Johnny Depp trial, I guess I will throw my hat into the ring because I’ve had time to digest all of this. Please know, this is merely my opinion as a DV survivor and DV advocate. Please bear with me…this doesn’t mean you have to agree with me. There is DEFINITELY abuse going on in this relationship!

First of all, we have to keep in mind that this is a “defamation” trial, meaning that one party is slinging defamation [of character] at another. In other words, one party is taking another party’s good name through the dirt, stating things that are potentially untrue and causing undue harm to the second party. This is not a domestic abuse trial, folks; however, DV is how Ms. Heard is dragging Johnny Depp’s character down — so much so that he’s lost multi-million dollar jobs. I’m personally sad that he will never be Captain Jack again…*sniffle*

Secondly, we also have to keep in mind that both parties ARE professional actors. That’s what they’re paid to do and Johnny Depp IS a method actor. You see, I believe he is reliving what happened to him via his abuser. I don’t think he’s acting, he’s recounting, especially based on the testimony and the recordings and eye witnesses that have been on the stand. Ms. Heard thought she’d entrap him because she knew statistically men don’t report abuse. Of course he didn’t report her! As a victim, he didn’t want her shamed (due to love of that person and the possible violent fallout later), didn’t want her arrested, and didn’t want the negative attack on his manhood.

I also believe that both parties are products of formerly toxic environments. Johnny Depp’s past “bad boy” image and transgressions do not excuse him in any way nor do they warrant him receiving abuse; however, Ms. Heard is a lesser known actress, but is more aggressive and dominant as a person, thought she could dominate the well-known, high-paid actor. Both parties need massive therapy, without a doubt. Johnny Depp came from an abusive family, so the dynamic is definitely there for him to be a victim and/or an abuser. However, he’s gone from a previous aggressor (and addicted person), to a victim, which has probably changed him forever. NO ONE gets the right to abuse another, regardless of their status.

Ms. Heard definitely portrays the aspects of a narcissist. With a narcissist, NOTHING is EVER their fault and they are always a victim. She mocked him openly [in court] by wearing nearly identical outfits to ones that he wore the day prior — multiple times! She sneers and rolls her eyes frequently. Her defense team can attack and scrutinize Johnny Depp’s past, but she is clearly agitated when the opposition brings up hers. I personally lived with a narcissist for 23+ years and these things cannot be missed. And honestly, I don’t feel that she’s that good of an actress. *Shrugs*

Those are definitely my thoughts and observations. I’ve read people writing for both sides and see their points, for sure. I always believe people that tell me they’re being/been abused. However, their actions and things always come out. People cannot keep up an act forever. Their actions usually either substantiate their story or betray them. Ms. Heard’s allegations of abuse make all women and victims look like they’re lying to get attention. Do not let the actions of a few, ruin what actually happened to many.

Love and light! <3