NOTE: It’s another daily writing challenge, that I am trying to use to hone my writing skills and get me into the practice of writing EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I am going to go back and do Day 1 and Day 2.

FB Informational Graphic that randomly shows up on my FB Feed: “A handful of almonds has the same effect on a person’s mood as taking Prozac.”

Me: “Hmmmm, I wonder if that’s true? I suffer from anxiety…that could be handy! Google, do almonds really have the same effect as Prozac?”

Google: “No, two handfuls of cashews have a similar effect as taking the presciption drug, Prozac. Two handfuls (or more) of cashews will generate enough tryptophan to alter and elevate mood from depression and , and don’t bear the hefty price tag or side effects as Prozac, not to mention having to obtain the prescription from a licensed doctor.”

Me, scratching my head: “Google, what measurement is a ‘handful’?”

Google: “A handful is equivalent to 1/4 of a cup.”

Me: “Google, what is an actual single serving of cashews?”

Google: “1/2 cup is a traditional single serving of shelled cashews.”

Me: “Okay, that’s technically two handfuls, so that works! Okay, Google, what are the actual health benefits to almonds?” [I got sidetracked].

Google: “Analysis found that a high intake of nuts, such as almonds as a part of a health diet, significantly reduced the risk of breast cancer by two to three times. They may also help reduce the risk of certain cancers, including colorectal, endometrial, and pancreatic cancers.”

Me. “Nice! Google, I gotta know, do penguins have knees?”

(This was a true story, as well as illustrates how bad my A.D.D. has become with age.)