#Bloganuary Bliss: #27

When in active abuse, the only retreat I was allowed was: to go within myself OR to listen to music, which I still was within myself. It was all I was “allowed” and all I truly had. I still do this, to comfort myself; however, I have more retreats when I need solace and recharging.

Music has ALWAYS been my go to therapy, even as a child. It puts how I feel into melody and rhythm. Music pulses and acts as if it is the thing that moves the blood through my body. It soothes my soul like a salve. Angry? Choose Death Metal. Sad? Choose sappy love songs. Need productivity music? Choose hip hop and hard rock. Bad day at work? Choose old school rap. Need relaxation? Choose classical music. It’s my go-to retreat.

Another haven for me, when I need solitude, is writing. I can get my feelings out, silently and peacefully. I can work through things when writing, or should I say typing, because I can think the most effectively through my fingertips. I still love putting pen-to-paper, as it is VERY tactile and satisfying, but writing flows best through my fingers when typing. I have been able to touch-type since high school, so I don’t have to “hunt and peck” for the words, which kills creativity.

Yet another retreat, for me, is silently walking in the forest. Nature can restore and recharge. The sounds, the scents, the visually stunning flora and fauna, the vastness, the stoic stillness. Walking amongst the trees confirms how small I truly am, but how I am but a small part of this intricate tapestry that is our microcosm. I try to listen and take in all the sounds of the forest, absorbing the whole experience of it all into my being, taking a piece of its peace within me to calm and center me. I essentially lose myself for a while when walking through the forest.

Love and light! <3

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