I am TRULY enjoying writing every day! It was something my Ex would not let me do, at all. I love that I can do this any time I want!

My favorite part about myself is my strength. I am working on my physical strength, as I travel on a fitness journey and try to lose weight, as well as strengthen my body to try to help deal with my chronic pain; however, THAT is not the strength to which I am referring. The strength that I am referring to is my internal fortitude. I refuse to give up, to sink, to admit defeat. NO ONE is the boss of me, except God!

Failure, to me, is simply not an option. I don’t know what my parents did to instill this into me, but I feel as though I become a better woman every day for not giving in. This does not mean I don’t feel like giving up — I definitely do. I cry and get the anger or sadness out of my system, then back up and think about what I need to do differently. Sometimes I even pause and reflect, or simply adopt a wait-and-see approach, all the time praying for guidance from the Divine.

I learned from rushing in and making rash decisions, which lead to mistakes and undesirable results. I learned that you cannot make important decisions during emotional extremes, meaning anger or sadness. I chose to ride out the emotions, then make myself feel better by being kind to myself. I would then weigh my options for problem resolution. I did not learn how to do this overnight, mind you! I learned this over many, many years and as I became older and wiser. Practical real-world experience and making mistakes actually became my comrades, as long as I learned from them!

Sometimes, being successful looks like backing up and starting forward again in a different direction. True failure is when you truly stop and give up, instead of continuing to move forward regardless of the speed…lastly, never gage your success by comparing yourself to anyone…just be better than you were the day prior, as you can only be in competition with yourself!

Love and light!