***TRIGGER WARNING!*** Situational domestic violence re-enactments.

I stayed quiet. It helps NO ONE, not you and not the abuser. Silence is acceptance to an abuser. They will abuse again, in whatever they way they know. I stayed quiet as a teen about being raped. I was kept silent by fear.

Later I kept quiet about what was going on behind the closed doors of my home. I was silent about what was being done to me and my children. The abuse was erasing who I was and I was turning into a fembot — silently and diligently doing what was required of me and losing more and more of my identity daily. It got to the point when I was age 33, after the birth of my third child, I contemplated suicide to end the sadness and hopelessness.

Abuse victims are NEVER “asking for it.” We want to be happy and care-free when we are living life — not stopped in our tracks by fear and coercion and violence! Abusers exert their perceived dominance into our lives, where we are going merrily along and suddenly the world loses color and meaning. Our lives, as we knew them, get sucked into a vacuum of violence. We NEVER asked for any of it. EVER.

This video is very enlightening. Please take care, as this video can trigger memories or feelings or emotions from the reader’s own trauma experience. Also, if someone reports a violent situation to you, please, please, believe them! There is too much apathy in the world…too many people turning a blind eye, stating “not me, not my problem.”