I am trying to find more ways to advocate, but trying to do it as cheaply as I can. I was given a second chance and helped by people. I am wanting to give back, as well as help to educate on domestic violence. Everyone has to have a purpose. I think this one is mine…

I’ve decided to start auctions on the Facebook inspirational group page. 2-3 per week. I will run them from Sunday 10 AM EST to the following Saturday 11:59 PM EST. I may transfer to eBay if I’m not successful on Facebook. I am NOT a 503(c), just a single Mom and DV survivor on a mission. Site fees get costly. Many trainings are free, but many are not. I am trying to provide educational materials and items that can help those in active abuse or just recently out of abuse — which all cost money to produce. I am not looking to make money, even though this does take up most of my spare time. I just want to cover costs and get help and information out there.

I am going to auction things that are unusual and appealing. If you have something you’d like to donate, definitely IM me!

The DV Walking Wounded Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/dvwalkingwounded