After making a “Frosty” run one evening, for my boyfriend and I, I had the distinct pleasure of viewing something that made my heart happy. In front of our local Wendy’s (TM), there was a Domestic Violence Awareness month display. However, I couldn’t fully appreciate it, because it was awry and needed some attention. I vowed to go back the next day to fix it and photograph it.

It was meant to look like a clothes line of clothes drying, but on each “garment” there were DV statistics. It took me about 20 minutes to separate everything back out, as being displayed outside had allowed the wind to bunch everything up and render it unreadable. I spread out the pseudo garments and photographed each one and videoed it as well. I plan on going over there every few days to check to see if it needs to be “unwound” so it is once again readable. People cannot be educated about DV statistics and how rampant it is, if they cannot read or even understand the display!

I hope this blesses you as much as it did me. If only we could be this expressive in other months, like we are about DV in October!