I woke up to and received the best news on Saturday morning. I had a DV victim IM message me and tell me that she heard my story, my first (and currently only) video on my YouTube channel, and left. She got out! She is free!!! Not only that but she was traveling over 1000 miles to get away! WOW! BLOWN AWAY!!!

I cannot begin to describe how elated I was to hear that. But as it sunk in, I found tears streaming down my face. What on Earth was wrong with me? I’m happy for her! I was still happy for her, but I realized that what I am doing with my advocacy was ACTUALLY making a difference! What I said mattered. My words had power!

I will admit that I cried for about 10 minutes, before my boyfriend woke up and saw me.

“You okay, babe???”

I nodded.

“What’s wrong then?”

“I received the highest complement. Someone watched my Youtube channel and was inspired by what I said. She got out!”

He smiled. “You do good work, babe. You’re making a difference.” I will admit, his comment made me cry harder. Damned emotions!!!

I will admit, this is WAY better than money! I had no idea that it would affect me as much as it did. All my pain and experiences had a purpose: of course to get me out of abuse and to move forward, but to also helped someone realize that they were not alone in their suffering and that that treatment was by no means “normal” or “acceptable.” I feel heard, I feel empowered to carry on, and I feel as though my work is not in vain! Despite what my abuser told me, I mattered and did have purpose! VICTORY FOR HER AND I!!!

I do not know how many people I have silently helped, as not everyone would reach out like that (although I wish they would!). I am SO glad she has declared her freedom and I will continue to check in with her and on her. God bless her on her journey and keep her safe!

Love and light! <3