My passion for advocating for DV victims and survivors is constant. I am constantly taking classes on DV and attending webinars. However, I thought that I should probably get a certification to illustrate my dedication and to further study advocacy. My passion is to get victims out of abuse and to keep survivors from getting roped back into their abusive relationships. Just because I have been through countless years of abuse, doesn’t mean I know everything!

I checked into several available programs and one stuck out to me, overall: it’s called Give Her Wings Academy. It’s a year long program and I loved EVERYTHING that the program promises. It is also amazingly affordable!

I cannot wait to brag about my certificate next August [2022]. I’ve already “met” so many kindred spirits through this program and it’s only Week 2! I use my Sundays for study, as well as periodically through the week. The fact that it is virtual fits perfectly into my lifestyle and allows me to draw on experience from so many resources all over the world!

I am probably certifiable for signing up for a certification program at this time, as busy as I am with my family circus, my advocacy, and my full-time job, but I’m enjoying it immensely…I’m grouping that in with “self-care,” because it is also very healing for me!

Check out the Give Her Wings organization and program here: