Post-Trial Amber

Now that THE Hollywood trial is over, I have to say, regardless of how you feel about Amber Heard, I feel incredibly sorry for her, post-trial. Apologies if it sounds like I’m making her out to be like ‘Malibu Barbie;’ that is NOT my intention. I was not personally convinced by her testimony, initially. SheContinue reading “Post-Trial Amber”

‘Silent, Billowing Flag’ Post

I am ever grateful to veterans, which makes Memorial Day all-the-more-sweet. I am privileged to have had ancestors serve this country. I know their names. I never met them, but I love and honor them — they helped to forge this country into the institution of Freedom it is today. This day is to rememberContinue reading “‘Silent, Billowing Flag’ Post”

Spectrum of Success, Part 2

I didn’t want my post about my son from the other day to sound like getting things turned around (after being in 23+ years of abuse and being out of abuse for over four and a half years), was easy. It definitely wasn’t and I’m STILL working on it. My youngest is four years awayContinue reading “Spectrum of Success, Part 2”

Getting Right in the Head

***NOTE: this post was supposed to “autopublish” and was scheduled for May 2nd. I apologize for its lateness and for technical difficulties!*** I wanted to apologize to my readers for not writing for literally two months…I needed time to think and reflect and get my head straight. I’ve had A LOT going on personally andContinue reading “Getting Right in the Head”