Always Keep Perspective

A friend recently posted something that gave me pause (see above). I know he was trying to be funny, and I can appreciate that. However, I am currently there and I go in and out financially. I wasn’t personally offended, but was more concerned about what others might get out of this post. Let’s say there were A LOT of laughing emoji posts.

This person might be struggling day-to-day with finances. He or she might just be able to do a few dollars a day, to string out what little funds they have to get them to their next pay check. He or she might be a struggling college student who topped off their motorcycle or moped to simply just get them to their next destination. They might be in active abuse and every dollar they have is controlled by another, so they cannot escape, or at least, go very far (been there). They might be a pizza delivery driver who had to put what tips they in to their gas tank to get the next pizza delivered (I know this from personal experience too).

I have personally seen the opposite on a gas pump that I’ve come upon ($200 or more in a transaction). I will admit, I wonder what they were driving, what they do for a living, and if they filled up all of their family’s vehicles? There are always multiple sides to a story. I just thought I’d share an example of the opposite to this story, LOL.

Please keep this in perspective, folks…it’s ALL I ask. We never know what battles others are facing. How many laughed at this post but are really THERE [financially]? I replied that I was currently at that decision point, which probably made my friend angry. I hope not. I do not condemn him for this post in any way. Please don’t think ill of me. Just know, when things are going good, I thank God for that goodness because I remember when times were tough or worse-off. Just keep things in perspective. Being grateful makes life better and more joyful!

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