I discovered an awesome online resource for mental health supporters, in order to ensure that you are educated in being a trusted supporter of someone who might be having mental health issues and need a person to talk to and to “be there” for them. Facebook presented this to me, in my feed, so I decided to investigate further.

This course is free and takes about 2 hours total to complete. I logged on, after setting up a free login account, and over the span of a few days, in order to see what this is about (in between my busy schedule). This course is concise and has every type of learning/testing technique — so it can appeal to anyone. It’s very encouraging, even if you don’t get a test answer right, giving you the means to try again. The videos are short and to the point, and illustrate excellent modern day scenarios.

Upon completion, you can instantly download your certificate. Mine is pictured above. I’m very proud of it! I would highly recommend achieving this certificate, especially if you’re supporting a DV victim or anyone with mental health issues. I learned some techniques that would even assist me with my Autistic teen. I highly recommend this free online course!