I know what you’re thinking…yeah, Laura, I already use this freely…no kidding…I know, I know…hear me out, as there may be some applications of YouTube you may not have thought of.

I think we’ve all used YouTube at one point or another, in order to learn how to repair something or to watch a popular news clip or a video or to entertain an unruly child. However, here are some practical uses you may NOT have thought about:

  • College Lectures/Speeches: There are SO many college lectures and Ted Talks on here, it isn’t even funny. I was intrigued by the college course lectures on here…it’s like auditing a class and paying NO tuition! WIN!
  • Physical [Gym] Workouts: Trying to save money by exercising at home? Same here! You can find virtually any type of workout, any duration, any intensity. I found one recently on the mechanics of belly dancing and it was fun and sweat inducing!
  • ASMR Videos: Can’t sleep? Need ambient noise in the background? There are many long looping ASMR videos with sound that will help you relax and/or sleep. Some are even 8 hours long! Wowza! It’s really helped my sleep and my mental health!
  • Audiobooks: That’s right. My daughter is dyslexic, so when she was attending junior high and high school, we listened to whatever book the class was reading. It really helped to enhance her comprehension, where reading along just wasn’t cutting it. It’s like 24/7 unlimited Reading Rainbow!!!
  • How To Videos: Wanting to learn a new skill, but don’t want to spend out the money for classes? Watch 5 to 10 videos to see if it’s something you can truly do or would continue interest in, check it out first! I learned all my mad couponing skills through this method, not to mention how to fix my washer that had a sock stuck in the wastewater hose. No handyman needed to be paid! Cha-Ching!

Save some massive money with YouTube! You can subscribe to YouTube Premium, for $11.99/month (after a one month free trial). Family plans are closer to $23/month so multiple people can try it out. Some channels have special content only for Premium subscribers. Check it out! With one month free, what do you have to lose?