So, I have a lovely used car, with a bit of an attitude. She’s a little worse for wear (but then again so am I!). She’s a manual transmission VW Beetle with dents and dings. Last summer the windows fell down into the door — so she seems held together at times with tape, shims, and a prayer. However, she’s my car and is very crucial in me getting to my jobs and for transporting my family. I’m even sharing her with my Boyfriend, as his truck is having engine issues…needless to say she’s valuable to me, even if she doesn’t look like much!

By the way, her name is Janet. Janet the Battle Bug, to be precise. I named her ‘Janet,’ in honor of the movie, the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I say “dammit, Janet!” A LOT! She’s very sassy and temperamental, but also VERY reliable. Her name was almost “Black Betty,” but Janet seemed more fitting.

I was at my part-time retail job the other day, and a woman walked in and said, “Who has the ‘sh*tty’ Bug parked outside? You left your window down!”she exclaimed, laughingly. When I raised my hand, she stopped laughing and looked downward. I’m guessing she thought no one wanted to claim the car. I immediately ran out to cover my open window and close my sun roof. It was getting ready to rain and very dark, angry clouds made the world darker.

“My window is stuck in my door,” I explained, after coming in from putting a garbage bag over the window. I got it covered just in time! It started to rain. If my seat gets too wet, I keep clean dry towels in the trunk. I am all about being prepared and anticipating what I might need!

She shook her head in disbelief. “So trade it in for something new? I’d be embarrassed to drive THAT thing.”

Not missing a beat, I replied: “Why? It’s paid for and works. I’d love to get a new vehicle, but it’s what I have.” That lady had nothing left to say to me after that. However, I did hear her say something about Janet looking trashy. Apparently, you are what you drive…who knew? I guess she is large, excessive, and overpriced, if you looked at her based on society’s perceptions and what she drove. Also, first glance and impression told me that she didn’t pay for that monstrosity that she’s driving.

Yes, Janet is a bit ugly, but she’s functional. That does not make her any less worthy. So, is a person less worthy when they are overweight versus when they are fit? Are they less worthy when they are disabled versus when they were not? I happened to think Janet was a scrappy little gal, much like her owner. She doesn’t give-up and neither do I.

Would I love to have a car that has windows that work? YES. Would it be great not to have to run out to my car to cover it up before inclement weather? YES. Would I love to have A/C that blows out cold, crips air on-demand? ALSO, YES. However, when I am able to have a car that fits that bill, I will be ever so thankful for it! I have to be thankful for what I have now, in this moment. That’s about all I can process anyway.

You are not worth in the future, when you are a “better” version of yourself…you are worthy RIGHT. FREAKING. NOW! I keep a sticker on Janet’s rear view mirror, to remind myself!