PROMPT: What I like/dislike about the romance genre.

For the record, I’m more into paranormal romance. If you’re not familiar with it, definitely Google it. It’s not ghosts, per say, but vampires, werewolves, etc. IDK, maybe it seems less sleazy that way? My favorite paranormal author is Molly Harper. It’s kind of Dark Shadows-esque, don’t you think?

Anyway, first, I’m going to start with what I like about the romance genre:

  • It makes me want to believe in love — especially after surviving decades of domestic abuse. Well, at least great, enduring sex!
  • The covers are amusing, if not laughable. All the gentlemen are buff and built and all the women slender with buxom breasts. Nice to know everyone is healthy and sexy — because that’s real life, isn’t it??? Please feel free to gawk at my cover example above, LOL!
  • They are a quick, guilty read. Again, my paranormal romance, that is…*clears throat*

And, now, what I dislike about romance novels:

  • Why does Fabio have to been on every damned cover? I mean probably well over half. I mean, geez. He’s okay, but can we have some variety and realism? Every time I see him airbrushed on a romance novel cover, I can hear his annoying voice in my head, which is NOT sexy…ugh…
  • These novels can be soft porn. Not that I’m judging, but maybe they need a warning label? I’ve read something thinking one thing and getting more shocked than I care to admit. I’m not a prude, I promise, just private. Here’s the rating system I suggest (from light to heavy): distasteful, risqué, taboo, obscene, lewd, and raunchy. You’re welcome! No Tipper Gore comments!!!
  • Like Hallmark Christmas movies, there are only so many plots. Girl wronged by one man. Another obscure man introduced. They dislike each other, then grow passionate about one another. Marathon sex. The end. Meh.

I hope you enjoyed my synopsis about romance genre “literature.” Now, I may just go re-read some good ol’ Jane Austen!