PROMPT: What is your favorite YouTube video and why?

I watch YouTube for literally EVERYTHING: as an instructional tutorial, as a source of music, as entertainment, when I am researching something I’ve never heard of before — like I said, EVERYTHING!

My favorite video is on the Havening Technique. I watch it quite a bit to help soothe my anxiety and worry. I have a TBI, so it does come up, even when my injury causes me to become annoyed and angry. This technique I use to calm and re-center me, so I watch it A LOT, which makes it my favorite video. It’s done so much good for me and Paul McKenna is amazing. There are other experts that do videos on this technique, so it really depends on how well you relate to those individuals. This can also help trauma survivors and those with mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression.

I would very much like to become certified in this technique, but it is very costly. I am all about alternative therapies that can help individuals, who don’t really want to resort to medicating themselves and not truly helping themselves. I do know that many people require medication and I’m not anti-medicine AT ALL. I just know, if like me, and you’re already taking quite a bit, risk factors of adding more can keep growing. If I can do a technique instead, to calm me, I’d rather do that; however, for example, I couldn’t do something like this inside an MRI, so I’d have to resort to my Xanax prescription. I hope you understand my message and meaning. Other therapies that I find useful are box breathing, yoga, and EFT tapping, as well as general exercise. I do, however, still take medicines.

Well, I hope you get some use out of this link! Please watch and be blessed! <3