Daily writing prompt
When you were five, what did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was young, my Mom mentioned that I said I wanted to be a nurse. I really don’t remember THAT, but I knew at an early age that I loved helping people, so maybe that is where that came from? I am not sure, but I cannot stand the sight of blood, not even my own when I’m donating.

I do remember, however, playing school with my little brother, and later my little sister. I was the teacher, who graded papers and gave points for “real life.” Ironically, my brother and I later became teachers, so that was really awesome! I loved being a teacher and taught for a female juvenile correctional facility. To date, that was my FAVORITE job. Not only was I their computer & technology teacher, I was a Step-Mom to nearly 200 girls, a “teacher of record” for those with individual educational plans (IEPs) for special education needs, counselor, IT administrator for their tablets and computers, Microsoft certified testing coordinator, TASC testing coordinator — to mention a few hats that I wore.

At one point, our tiny school in the MJCF correctional facility was featured on a Netflix show called “Girls Incarcerated.” Do NOT get me started about “reality TV”…it’s not reality, it’s posed and planned, and voyeuristic. Every time they came into my tiny computer room/classroom with the camera, boom mic, and producer, I’d lose control of my classroom. SMH. The link to the preview of this show can be seen here. I was only on Season 1. Yay.

To say I got to experience my “dream job,” really made me happy during a horrible time in my life and I still look back on it with happiness and pride! <3