Daily writing prompt
What makes you laugh?

My answer to what makes me laugh is pretty simple: those funny, inflatable tube men that you see at special events or at car lots, to get your attention when you’re driving by.

I love their vibrant colors and the fact that they’re smiling despite being SUPER silly! They flop all over the place without reckless abandon, but never break that cheesy smile!

The first time that I got tickled by one, my Abuser and kids and I were on our way to a some sort of family event. He had berated me about something simple and trivial, so I was in a “mood.” Everything seemed bleak. Then — we pulled into a parking area, where one of those inflatable tube men were flopping around. It was a particularly windy day and there was a live person with a sign, directing the traffic flow. It was SO windy, and the tube man was already in motion, that it literally looked like the giant tube man was attacking the human, backing off, then going back into attack mode. The human was trying to beat the tube man off with the sign, then go back to looking like nothing happened, doing his job. I lost it completely, laughing so hard tears came. I. Could. Not. Stop!

Even though the tension was thick, everyone, including my Abuser started laughing hysterically. I laughed so hard, I thought I was going to lose control of my bladder. I didn’t know a person could laugh so hard they would nearly pass out either, because I literally saw stars. It took me about 10 minutes to compose myself, trying to take deep breaths, but breaking again into giggles. That eased the tension so much. I am thankful to that tube man, and I feel sorry for the human with the sign. Maybe a little.