PROMPT: How has technology changed your job?

I am a blogger, so my whole existence is technology driven. The mere fact that I can write, edit, and publish it all on the fly, is in itself AMAZING!

I can type up my blog on the WordPress template, then run my blog through to edit, then publish it to WordPress, who in turn pushes it to the Interwebs. It’s mind blowing, if you really think about it!

Used to be, I’d have to handwrite my story. Next, I’d have to get the paper and correction tape and type it up on a manual (or electric, if you were lucky) typewriter. Then, I’d have to send it to the newspaper, through the US Mail or hand-deliver it. I would have to wait for them to decide to publish my story or not. Lastly, I would wait for the story to appear in the newspaper OR wait for the rejection letter. Technology has definitively improved this process!

As a blogger, I am an all Apple products shop. I have a MacBook Pro, as well as an iPad. My MacBook is my main writing tool, but I have the iPad as my more portable item. I take the iPad to work, as they did not want me bringing a laptop, which is confusing to me, but okay! I have a small wireless Apple Bluetooth keyboard that I found at Goodwill. Not exactly sure how that is “better” than a laptop or more approved, but I’m fine with it. I do like how it has it’s own SIM card, so I can do searches without having to tether that to my phone, which is also speedier! I try to upgrade my MacBook every few years, by purchasing a “new-to-me” one, every few years. Since I had to get an iPad, I’ve put off getting another MacBook until next year’s tax return. My iPad has pretty much paid for itself, as I can get a discount on my cell phone service if I set it up for autopay. The savings literally pay for the iPad! I am trying to make the most of the tools that I have!

I also try to do as much as I can “free” or “open source,” concerning software, programs, photos, updates, tools, etc. I fund my blog entirely on my own, so I try to make it look as professional as possible without incurring any unnecessary costs! This would not be possible, if it weren’t for the Internet itself, where I can research things on the fly, without having to waste a lot of time, or expend a large sum of money on anything!