PROMPT: What is the biggest challenge you will face in the next six months?


NOTE: Before I get into what MY biggest challenge is, I have to say that the above “royalty free” image that I chose came with this caption: “Lazy sad overweight woman lying down on the floor and doesn’t want to exercise.” Um, excuse me? Maybe she’s overwhelmed? Maybe she isn’t sure where to start? Maybe she has chronic pain like me and she hurts so bad that she cannot stand herself, much less all the movement she’s about to do??? That doesn’t make her LAZY! Wake up, people! UGH! Just, UGH!

My biggest challenge in 2023 is going to be, well, myself. Specifically, getting my health turned around. I am nearly 50. I am perimenopausal and have gained a lot of weight that I need to get off of me. I have chronic pain from fibromyalgia that I need to control and minimize, which includes moving MORE. I am pre-diabetic. I take medicine for high blood pressure. I need this ALL under control.


I started re-taking my vitamins and my medicines as directed. I started taking liquid collagen, to improve my hair and skin (my hair thinned, due to previous COVID), as well as how I feel, hence adding back the vitamins and supplements. Normally, I get a blood test first to detect any deficiencies, but I know what WAS making me feel better. I started adding my CBD back, to help with the pain. No worries, it’s the THC free version! Plus, with the diet I’m going to follow, I have to add back in a few nutrients in order to maintain balance (more below).


NOTE: I don’t like this caption, either (“Close up portrait of a young long-haired stylish female drinking water with her eyes closed outdoors”). Stupid, ignorant caption writers! GEEZ!!!

My Nurse Practitioner told me that I should be drinking a gallon of water per day. Currently I am working up my water levels. The last few weeks was drinking 66 oz of water daily. Starting today (and for the rest of the week), it will be 88 oz. Next week, I will be 110 oz. I have a Cirkul water bottle system, which is wonderful, and mine is the 22 oz size. It makes it very easy for me, as I know eventually I will have to drink 6 of those to be fully hydrated daily. Currently, I feel like all I do is pee. Like EVERY 20 minutes…but I’m feeling less stiff and congested! And a bit lighter!


I used to eat “fat free,” but that is no longer working for me. I really don’t eat that much, to be honest, but I do like my salty chips. My Nurse Practitioner told me that the reason that my “fat free” diet is no longer working for me is due to the fact that I’m older and perimenopausal and she recommended the Keto diet, which puts a person into ketosis and will eat fat stores. The “fat free” is too carb heavy, so I needed to avoid that. I also am intermittent fasting 16:8. What that means is I fast for 16 hours (except for water), and I have an 8 hour window to eat “in moderation” in…it’s helping so far AND helping me to be more mindful of what I put in my mouth and when. Plus, this is one that I’m less likely to be hungry on, it’s cheaper, and my BF is on board (mainly because of steak). I also have a friend I can consult who has lost over 100 lbs on this diet and is my “go to” girl for questions.


One of the biggest things is weight, but another is my age. I am going to be HALF A CENTURY OLD this coming December! 50! I never fathomed becoming this age. I mean, I don’t have a death wish, but it never truly occurred to me. This is a whole next level thing! So, since I don’t have a lot of life left (just being stuck on my age, don’t mind me), I have some things to proved. I’ve done 5K’s before, which is fun, but I feel like I need to do a “Muddy Princess” or a “mud run,” at least once! Once only for men, I feel the need to prove that I can do a 5K WITH obstacles. I really don’t know why, but I do, and the race is in August. I am not out to nab the fastest time for my age category, just prove that I’m still alive and the warrior woman that I am — that’s all, really!

In order to do that, I am restarting my walking. Stretching is NOT OPTIONAL, before working out. Going to progress after three weeks of walking to CouchTo5K program, which intermittently alternates running and walking. I will also be using an alternating cardio workout through Curves, the same company that has the gym for women only. I am doing this to feel better and lose weight, but also to do some 5K’s to work up to the Muddy Princess. I always do my Wonder Woman Run Series and have since 2018. I also am doing one in June for my state’s coalition against DV, called Race Away from Domestic Violence. I am trying to line up ones starting in April, doing one per month, in order to get myself ready and in the mindset. It’s what I think will work for me…I hope…exercise really does up the endorphins and helps mental health too!

So, that is my health strategy. And THIS TIME I have to maintain it…thankfully, my boyfriend is doing the eating part with me. I am thankful he is supportive like that! Get healthy, peeps!

Love and light! <3