When I was in active abuse, a few ways my abuser would control me was to limit me at my job (forcing me to call-in, leave early, or refuse mandated overtime) and take my car away, that I was ironically paying for and was in MY name. I would lose jobs and opportunities because of his controlling ways.

I found out that Lyft (in conjunction with Indeed and Goodwill) is offering free rides to job seekers going to job interviews, as well as for offer free rides to job training programs and a new hire’s first three weeks of work. This is has been going on for a few years now and is still a current promotion. WOW!

How does this work? Unfortunately it’s only in about 20 major cities, but you apply through a form on their website to see if you qualify. It IS that simple! What a game changer for folks! I wish this had been around when I needed them (when I was in active abuse). What a blessing! Check it out!

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