NOTE: This is a bit of a different survivor story, readers. This is written from a survivor’s prospective, the victim’s mother, Claudia.

CONTRIBUTOR: Claudia Sinkule

***TRIGGER WARNING*** Contains references to mental and physical abuse and violence.

Convicted murderer ERIC NATHANIEL MARUM will be up for parole in May 2023. He emotionally abused, manipulated, and murdered my daughter, Nicole Crystal Sinkule, on October 16, 2005, at the age of 25, as she slept with a broken leg.

He beat Nicole to death with the claw part of a hammer, hitting her over 13 times and crushing her skull — leaving the hammer imbedded in her head! He then fled the scene to wash his hands in the ocean! He was charged with 2nd degree murder and sentenced to 16 years to life.

Nicole: my younger daughter, sweet and pretty, and innocent, who walked with a bounce and was everyone’s best friend. She had a contagious belly laugh and a nickname for everyone.

She listened to The Doors, Janis Joplin, and Kurt Cobain. She was a runner and studying to be a nutritionist. She had a heart for the homeless, loved to draw, and was silly and stubborn. Oh, and she drove her car waaaaaay too fast!!

She had magical thinking, as she fell in love with an addict/abuser thinking she could help him change and bring out the best in him. Instead, he turned out to be an Emotional Abuser and Narcissist Manipulator with an anger problem and a prior history of DV. They had a rocky 1-1/2 year relationship that ended in violence.

Marum started abusing drugs at age 16 and at the time of the crime he was a methamphetamine abuser. The record of evidence demonstrates however, the Mr. Marum did not commit the crime soley in a rare, intoxicated rage, but rather in the pattern of escalating intimate partner violence. His longest period of sobriety, in the community, was only 4 months despite several attempts to participate in rehabilitation programs. (Per Governor Newsom).

2019, Marum was denied his first parole, BPH stated, “he poses a continued unreasonable risk of danger or threat to public if released” and he was given another 5 yrs.

2022, within just a few years he was given another opportunity to try again and this time he was recommended for parole. We took it to the Governor and in his decision, he said, “I find the evidence show that he currently poses an unreasonable danger to society if released from prison this time.” The recommendation for parole was reversed but for only 18 months.

Marum appealed with the writ of Habeas Corpus and he was denied his writ with the trial court and appellate court of California upheld the denial.

Marum still lacks insight into his crime and coping skills and is a risk factor for violent behavior against women. When asked at his last hearing what he would change in his life, if he could, he said: “drugs and alcohol,” but nothing about Nicole! He also said, if paroled he “wants to make a Netflix series of Folsom Prison, win a Pfizer Award and maybe an Oscar, go hunting with his dad, and get married.”

If Marum is released, we believe he will have a hard time integrating back into society, due to his contempt and violent history against women, past drug use and not being able to remain sober — including his hideous crime of murder, lack of insight, lack of remorse and his grandiose thinking. We believe that he remains a threat to us, our family, friends, and the community he chooses to live.

You can Google Nicole for more of her story, but heed the trigger warning. We also did Nancy Grace “Crime Stories.”

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SOURCE: The Nicole Sinkule Foundation