I absolutely LOVE this charity! Basically, what it consists of is simply this: need a meal, request a meal. Then, eventually, if you can, volunteer to make and deliver a lasagna. It’s a community helping itself!

The service is free and without obligation, which I totally love! You can also request one be sent to someone that needs temporary assistance. So, you might be thinking, why would I need this? Well, folks, we all need help from time to time. Your family might be down on their luck, you might be suffering from a serious illness, you may be elderly and need a hot meal…whatever the situation is, there is no judgement and deliveries are performed with kindness! I cannot wait to get my email about being a volunteer and spreading love and kindness. Try this non-profit service out! Of course, you’ll be receiving a lasagna made with love! And who doesn’t love lasagna!?!? Be sure, when you sign up, to let them know allergies and dietary restrictions!