This is the latest work done on my masterpiece tattoo. Pay no attention to how huge my arm is. Don’t worry, I’m going to start lifting weights so she looks even more amazing…darn COVID and asthma…must..power…through!

This, this is my masterpiece and it is all lined out. I have about two hours worth of shading and detail work that needs to be done, and about four hours of color. Then, it will be complete! I cannot wait! It’s turning out even more awesome than I could’ve EVER imagined!

So, you might be thinking, “So YOU think you’re an Amazon woman? YOU???” Well, yes and no. No, I’m not a super hero. No I am not a tall, svelte supermodel. And, no, I am not particularly strong or brave. However, I did survive something massive AND Wonder Woman has been my hero since I was two years old (and I’m almost 49).

I am personally having a hard time. It’s the holidays and six months since I lost my Mom. The lack of light definitely does not help, as I have the seasonal effective disorder. The holiday season tends to depress me. However, I am still moving forward. I am still grateful for surviving the most horrible life that I thought I’d never escape. How a person conducts themselves after such attrocities says A LOT about their character — I learned that from Wonder Woman. I spread truth and love, not sew hate and discontent.