Yesterday was two things, “International World Peace Day” and “World Gratitude Day.” I loved that and didn’t want it to go unnoticed!

The International Day of Peace was organized by the UN, who wants the World to be in harmony. Don’t we all!?! However, what would be even more peaceful for the UN to pursue is a similar day, only for personal peace of DV victims and survivors. The UN does recognized DV as a pandemic, which is more than the US does, so I commend them there. People who have experienced any form of DV wish for nothing but peace, because it was denied for so long!

I loved finding out about the “World Gratitude Day.” I honestly did not know that was even a thing. I am constantly trying to be more grateful. I find the more I am and the more blessings I count, the less bitter I am — and happier! There are SO many thing that I took for granted while in active abuse, that I am trying not to forget! Of course, I am grateful for all of you all, who help me to help others heal. We all deserve peace. I get so much personal healing from writing for this blog, as well as purpose, I cannot even express how grateful I am!

Show gratitude today, even for mistakes, and spread peace and kindness! Also, happy first day of Autumn! So much to be thankful for, you don’t have to wait for Thanksgiving!

Love and light! <3